WACO (1966) 13360

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Paramount Pictures Original Three Sheet Poster (41x81) Very Good Plus Theater-Used

Original Paramount Pictures Three Sheet Poster for the western movie WACO (1966) directed by R.G. "Bud" Springsteen. This oater stars Howard Keel. This poster has been re-photographed for a better image. Keel had had an incredibly distinguished career as a leading man in the run of MGM musicals that were very popular in the early 1950s. But by the sixties, these types of musicals were old hat, and musical stars were taking work where they could get it. Keel would go on to be a very serviceable (that's NOT an insult!) in film and television for many years. WACO was amplified by the appearance of Jane Russell. This three sheet poster is large - 41 inches by 81 inches. Three sheets are printed on two separate panels which are joined together to make one poster. So it's BIG. Great for the mancave in Waco, Texas, no? MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions. MovieArt Austin guarantees this poster to be the original three sheet poster for this film.

Howard Keel - Actor
Jane Russell - Actor
Brian Donlevy - Actor
Wendell Corey - Actor
Terry Moore - Actor
John Smith - Actor
John Agar - Actor
Gene Evans - Actor
Richard Arlen - Actor

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