WAKE UP AND DREAM (1934) 19497

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Universal Pictures Original Three Sheet Poster 41x81 Linen backed. Very Fine Condition

There were three different films with this title. This is the 1934 version which starred Russ Columbo. Columbo was a singer whose career might have easily rivaled that of Bing Crosby. But Ruggiero Eugenio di Rodolpho Colombo died in 1934, very soon after completing this film. He was shot, presumably accidentally, by his friend, photographer Lansing Brown, who was handling an antique pistol when it discharged, killing Columbo. Columbo had a lively recording career and his matinee idol good looks and his talent got him early entry into sound motion pictures. He enjoyed an enormous success on radio as well. The film also stars Roger Pryor, June Knight and Catherine Doucet. Look for an early appearance by western sidekick Andy Devine. The film was directed by Kurt Neumann. Any material on this film is rare.

Russ Columbo - Actor
Roger Pryor - Actor
June Knight - Actor
Catherine Doucet - Actor
Andy Devine - Actor
Edward Hearn - Actor

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