YELLOW SKY (1948) 24627

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First Release Italian 79x55 Unbacked. Very Fine.

Generally regarded as one of the very good westerns from 20th Century-Fox, director William Wellman used first rate performances from Gregory Peck, Anne Baxter and Richard Widmark and stunning high contrast cinematography by Joe McDonald to tell the tale of an outlaw gang that robs a bank and then tries to take their loot across a salt flat that's a burning waterless crucible. The outlaw end up in Yellow Sky, a ghost town inhabited by an old prospector and his beautiful granddaughter. You can always count of a ravishing girl like Anne Baxter to be hanging out in some dusty and deserted shack in the middle of nowhere. Richard Widmark as one of the outlaws with a decidely psychotic grin - the same one he perfected in KISS OF DEATH. This passionate Italian quattro is large (79x55) and printed on two panels. Very Fine.

Gregory Peck - Actor
Anne Baxter - Actor
Richard Widmark - Actor
Robert Arthur - Actor
James Barton - Actor
Charles Kemper - Actor
Chief Yowlachie - Actor
Jay Silverheels - Actor
Jose Saenz - Actor
Ray Beltram - Actor
Henry "Harry" Morgan - Actor

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