HOSTEL PART II (2007) 20686

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Original Lionsgate Films Style A One Sheet Poster (27x40). Double Sided. Very Fine Plus.

Original Lionsgate Films Style A One Sheet Poster (27x40) for the Eli Roth horror thriller, HOSTEL: PART II (2007) starring Heather Matarazzo, Lauren German, and Bijou Phillips. Eli Roth, previously known for his riveting films CABIN FEVER and HOSTEL went the sequel route with this film taking the conventions of the first HOSTEL film and changing the victims from male to female. Young Americans visiting Eastern Europe are enticed into a world of pleasure and sensation unaware they will soon become victims of a very sick and depraved group of individuals. This original style A one sheet poster is double-sided, unfolded, and in very fine plus condition.

ELI ROTH - Director

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