MONIKA (1953) 24868

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Les Baxter Promotional Poster for MONIKA 16x22 Very Fine

Lounge Music lovers (remember the lounge music craze from the 1990s, when the record companies recycled your grandparents' music) will adore this poster of Exotica King Les Baxter. Baxter had a variety of orchestra hits in the decade of the 1950s. He did the orchestrations and conducting for Yma Sumac's legendary record VOICE OF THE XTABAY. His composition "Quiet Village" was first recorded by himself, and then made famous all over again by the immortal Martin Denny. Les Baxter had a career writing film scores as well. But this is the only poster we have ever seen touting him. No doubt there was some point-of-promotion material from his long association with Capitol Records. We think you need this for your lanai. No?

Harriet Andersson - Actor

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