NINJA STRIKES BACK (1982) 26670 Movie Poster Martial Arts Film Poster Hong Kong Film

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U.S. theatrical-release poster NINJA STRIKES BACK (1982) 23X35 Average Used Condition

The film was originally produced by the Dragon Films Company of Hong Kong and was distributed by World Northal in the U.S. also in 1982. We cannot determine whether this is the original U.S. poster. Most of the posters that we have seen that were for films distributed by World Northal had the World Northal name on the poster. This one does not. This is another one of those films that traded on the name of the great martial arts star Bruce Lee. This film purports to star Bruce LE, and this could have been calculated to draw those folks who were not paying close attention to think this one a Bruce Lee film. It is not. The movie was also shown under the name EYE OF THE DRAGON in the United States. The poster has some missing paper in the border area and we have graded it good condition only. However, we did get this poster from a theater that played many martial arts film and we feel sure this is an authentic poster for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions.

BRUCE LE - Director
JOSEPH KONG - Director

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