TAKE HER, SHE'S MINE (1963) 1137 Polish Film Poster James Stewart Sandra Dee Art by Jacek Neugebaur

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Original Polish Poster (26x38). Art by Jacek Neugebaur. Unfolded. Very Fine Condition.

Original Polish Poster (26x38) for the Henry Koster family comedy, TAKE HER, SHE'S MINE (1963) starring James Stewart, Sandra Dee, Audrey Meadows, Philippe Forquet, Robert Morley, Bob Denver, John McGiver and Irene Tsu. In this typical early 1960s comedy, Stewart plays a worried father concerned that his college co-ed daughter (Sandra Dee) is becoming a libertine. He follows her to Europe keeping an eye on her every move. In the end, she's revealed to be nice girl, but her father gets into a variety of sketchy predicaments. The poster art features an image of a typical American businessman screaming -- sort of a pop-art, MAD MEN version of Edvard Munch's THE SCREAM. With artwork by Jacek Neugebaur, this original Polish poster is unfolded and in very fine condition.

James Stewart - Actor
Sandra Dee - Actor

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