TEXAS LADY (1955) 17116

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Belgian Original Poster. 14x22. Very Good.

Original Belgian poster (14x22) for the Tim Whelan western, TEXAS LADY (1955) starring Claudette Colbert, Barry Sullivan, Ray Collins, and Gregory Walcott. Prudence Webb (Colbert) inherits a local newspaper in an isolated Texas town. The men who run the town do not exactly welcome a woman's "interference" with "their" newspaper. Lucky for Prudence, a card shark (Sullivan) she beat in New Orleans comes to her rescue. Some critics complained bitterly about the corny screenplay, but Colbert's portrayal of a strong and independent woman is unusual for a western of the mid-1950s. This original Belgian poster is in very good condition, with some rather hard edge damage at the upper border area. But the image on the poster is fine>

TIM WHELAN - Director
Claudette Colbert - Actor
Gregory Walcott - Actor
Ray Collins - Actor
Walter Sande - Actor
Dan Haggerty - Actor
Barry Sullivan - Actor
Les Paul - Actor

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