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Original Warner Brothers Three Sheet Poster (41x81). Folded and Unassembled. Fine Plus.

Original Warner Brothers Three Sheet Poster (41x81) for the Felix Feist film THIS WOMAN IS DANGEROUS (1952) starring Joan Crawford, David Brian, Dennis Morgan and Philip Carey. The film was the last film that Crawford made to fulfill her contract with Warner Brothers. That contract spanned from the time of MILDRED PIERCE, an unqualified success, to 1952 with the release of THIS WOMAN IS DANGEROUS, part crime drama part soap opera. Crawford and Brian head up a gang of thieves; Crawford is the brains and Brian the muscle. And they also are "involved." But after a particularly successful heist, Crawford goes off to a hospital to treat an eye malady. Subsequently, in a page straight out of DARK VICTORY, but without the attendant class, Crawford falls in love with her doctor, played by Dennis Morgan - his bedside manner, no doubt. But Brian is not taking that lying down and he...but stop! No spoilers here. A somewhat ordinary film of its type, but the poster shows the diva Crawford in her late Warner Brothers no-wire-hangers incarnation. And all in pink and in the pink as well. The three sheet is comprised of two different panels which are joined together to make one large-format poster. This poster was theater-used, but the two panels have not been glued together. There are some small tears, a few very small holes and general aging. However, the paper has good structural integrity. This poster could be linen backed very successfully. We have graded it as fine plus. Ask us about linen backing and poster conservation.

FELIX E. FEIST - Director
Joan Crawford - Actor
Dennis Morgan - Actor
Philip Carey - Actor
Mari Aldon - Actor

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