TWINS OF EVIL (1971) 29451 Pressbook for Double-Feature with HANDS OF THE RIPPER HAMMER FILMS

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Original Pressbook for Double Feature Release 11 Pages Ads and Publicity Material

Universal Pictures Original Pressbook for the Double Feature release of two Hammer films, TWINS OF EVIL and HANDS OF THE RIPPER. This double feature release, primed for drive-ins, was offered in 1972. This pressbook is in average used condition, but there are no cuts. 11 pages of ads, publicity and photos intended for newspaper coverage. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this pressbook is authentic for this double feature release.

Peter Cushing - Actor
JOHN HOUGH - Director
Dennis Price - Actor
PETER SASDY - Director
Eric Porter - Actor
Jane Merrow - Actor
Marjorie Rhodes - Actor
Norman Bird - Actor

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