VIRGIN QUEEN, THE (1955) 19945

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Original 20th Century-Fox Insert Poster (14x36). Folded. Fine.

Original 20th Century-Fox Insert Poster (14x36) for the Henry Koster historical drama, THE VIRGIN QUEEN (1955) starring Bette Davis, Richard Todd, and Joan Collins. This was the second film in which Davis plays Queen Elizabeth I, the first film being ESSEX AND ELIZABETH (1939) which she made with Errol Flyn playing the role of Essex. This film concentrates on Sir Walter Raleigh (Todd) a gifted poet, writer and explorer of the New World. When Raleigh arrives at court in the 1580s, he finds the court dominated by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester and friend and lover to the Queen. The film's only Academy Award nomination was for Best Costume Design. This poster was originally folded but has been stored flat for a while. This original insert poster is in fine condition, with some separations at the folds, which have been repaired with archival tissue.

Bette Davis - Actor
Richard Todd - Actor
Joan Collins - Actor
Jay Robinson - Actor
Herbert Marshall - Actor
Dan O'Herlihy - Actor
Robert Douglas - Actor
Rod Taylor - Actor

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