BETRAYED (1988) 22053

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Original Polish Poster (27x36). Very Fine.

Original Polish Poster (27x36) for the Costa-Gavras action thriller, BETRAYED (1988) starring Debra Winger, Tom Berenger, and John Heard. This is a disturbing drama about racist terror in the American heartland spilling over into the big cities. Winger plays an FBI undercover agent who is sent to investigate this case, but she winds up falling in love with the suspected ringleader played by Berenger. Both Winger and Berenger are most memorable in their roles. And while most films about racist gangs show them as totally evil, this film also presents them as real people with seemingly normal, but sometimes violent, lives. This original Polish poster is in very fine condition.

Debra Winger - Actor
Tom Berenger - Actor
Betsy Blair - Actor
John Mahoney - Actor

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