CAGED (1988) 22319

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Original B Style Polish Poster (27x37). Unfolded. Very Fine.

Original B Style Polish Poster (27x37) for the Barbara Sass drama, CAGED (1988) [Original Polish Title: W KLATCE] starring Krzysztof Jedrysek, Maria Ciunelis, and Katarzyna Figura. This film tells the story of a dull and lonely bank cashier who becomes a hero during a fire and gets the woman of his dreams. But will they be happy together? This original style B Polish poster is unfolded and in very fine condition. Barbara Sass is a respected film director, born in 1936. Her career has spanned several decades. MovieArt Austin guarantees this poster to be an authentic poster - one of at least two styles which were made - for this film. And this particular style is one that we have not seen at auction. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions.


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