FISHERMAN'S WHARF (1939) 26283 Italian Movie Poster (39x55) Folded Fine Plus Condition Bobby Breen

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RKO Original Italian 39x55 Folded Fine Plus Condition

Original ROL Film Italian Italian two-foglio (39x55) for the 1939 RKO film FISHERMAN'S WHARF starring Bobby Breen, Leo Carillo, Henry Armetta and Lee Patrick. Wikipedia gives a great description of this film and here it is: Carlo Roma has a happy household with his son, Tony, despite being widowed. The two enjoy a very deep bond. Along with a pet seal, Julius, the father and son live with one of Carlo's business partners, Beppo, and a housekeeper, Angelina. Beppo has been romantically interested in Angelina for decades and is constantly proposing to her, which she always declines. He runs a successful fishing fleet of three boats, one of which Beppo captains. His other two equal partners are Luigi and Pietro. When Stella, Carlo's widowed sister-in-law, moves in with her son Rudolph, the harmony of the home is disrupted. First, Stella banishes Julius from the house. Stella then drives both Beppo and Angelina from the house. After leaving, Angelina finally consents to Beppo and the two marry. Stella, not being satisfied with the money being made from Carlo's fishing enterprise, convinces him to demote his three partners to simple employees. Disgruntled, the three leave to begin their own fishing business. As a last straw, Rudolph has been extremely unkind to Tony. When Rudolph learns that Tony is not Carlo's biological son, he cruelly tells him. The disheartened child runs away from home, taking Carlo's fishing boat. Carlo finally understands what has been happening in his house, and orders Stella and Rudolph to leave. With the help of Beppo, the two track down Tony and the family is reunited. The art on this very appealing Italian two-foglio is by Andrea Previtali. Of course, the first release of this film is sometime after the war. I don't have the exact date; the poster is not dated. Colors are vivid and the poster is graded in fine plus condition.

Bobby Breen - Actor
Leo Carrillo - Actor
Henry Armetta - Actor
Lee Patrick - Actor

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