HOODLUM EMPIRE (1952) 4111

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Original Republic Pictures One Sheet Poster (27x41). Folded. Fine Condition.

Original Republic Pictures One Sheet Poster (27x41) for the Joseph Kane film-noir crime drama, HOODLUM EMPIRE (1952) starring Brian Donlevy, Claire Trevor, Forrest Tucker, and John Russell. Told mostly in flashbacks, this is the story of a former gangster (Russell) who joins the army in World War II and becomes a hero. At the end of the war, he decides to quit the mob and lead a respectable life. But the mob gets nervous when he is called as a witness by a crime-fighting senator (modeled on Estes Kefauver!) This original one sheet poster is folded and in fine condition.

Forrest Tucker - Actor
JOSEPH KANE - Director
Brian Donlevy - Actor
Claire Trevor - Actor
Vera Ralston - Actor
Roy Roberts - Actor
Richard Jaeckel - Actor
George Magrill - Actor

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