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Original Republic Pictures Group of Seven Scene Lobby Cards (11x14). Good Condition.

Original Republic Pictures Group of Seven Scene Lobby Cards (11x14) for the Joseph Kane film noir crime drama, HOODLUM EMPIRE (1952) starring Brian Donlevy, Claire Trevor, Forrest Tucker, and John Russell. Told mostly in flashbacks, this is the story of a former gangster (Russell) who joins the army in World War II and becomes a hero. At the end of the war, he decides to quit the mob and lead a respectable life. But the mob gets nervous when he is called as a witness by a crime-fighting senator modeled on Estes Kefauver. This original group of seven scene lobby cards (no title card) are in good condition. MovieArt Austin guarantees these cards are original, vintage, authentic. Average used condition graded as good. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions

Forrest Tucker - Actor
JOSEPH KANE - Director
Brian Donlevy - Actor
Claire Trevor - Actor
Vera Ralston - Actor
Roy Roberts - Actor
Richard Jaeckel - Actor
George Magrill - Actor

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