SON OF SINBAD (1955) 5846

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Original Belgian Poster (14x22). Folded but stored rolled for many years. Belgian Censor stamp on poster. Fine condition.

Original Belgian Poster (14X22) for the Ted Tetzlaff film SON OF SINBAD (1955) starring Dale Robertson, Sally Forrest, Vincent Price, Marie Blanchard and Lili St. Cyr. Originally produced in 1953 as part of the first 3D movie craze, producer Howard Hughes held the film up for two years and released it just as the fad had lost its appeal. The film is vintage Hollywood -- a campy, wildly sexy Arabian Nights fantasy with female pulchritude and lingerie clad Lili St. Cyr in abundance! This folded poster is in fine condition has been stored rolled for some years. Definitely used, but the image area is complete. The Belgian censor stamp is attached to the poster.

Vincent Price - Actor
Dale Robertson - Actor
Sally Forrest - Actor
Lili St. Cyr - Actor
Robert J. Wilke - Actor
Jay Novello - Actor
Mari Blanchard - Actor
James Griffith - Actor

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